1. collecting, sorting & recycling waste

The raw material is collected from two main sources – cutting clips from CMT factories and yarn waste from spinning / weaving mills. We then sort it by quality and color. The color of the waste, defines the color of the final product. No dyeing is needed. Each quality/colour is mechanically opened back into fibres. We focus on keeping the fibre length as long as possible, for the finest yarn quality.


2. blending

The mechanically opened cotton waste can be mixed with chemically recycled polyester or viscose fibres to reach a specific functionality depending on the final use of the fabric.


3. Spinning

The mixed recycled fibres are spun into yarns. This part of the process is the same as with spinning fresh fibres.


4. knitting & weaving

The yarns are knitted or woven depending on the final use of the fabric.


5. finishing

Also depending on the final use of the fabric, there are multiple ways of finishing the process, such as compacting, brushing and washing.


6. CMT

This process includes cutting, making, printing and trimming of the final product