pure waste textiles

Nowadays, everything is about the price. Unfortunately, mostly at the expense of the employees in the factories: poor working conditions and payment are the result of fashion brands, retailers and consumers who only pay attention to the lowest price.

Sustainabilty starts with transparency. We want to provide fair, safe and legal working conditions for everyone who works with us.



Working environment

The Pure Waste factory is located in the southern Indian region of Tiruppur. The factory has been designed and built for industrial use to ensure a safe working environment. Our production partner tries not only to meet the standards, but also to continuously improve them.

salary & benefits

All employees have employment contracts, are on a payroll and are paid monthly, which is unfortunately not the case everywhere. Working hours are below the local average - 10 hours a day. Overtime is paid and is not compulsory. Salaries are above average for the region. Social security contributions and a light meal are covered. Transport and, if necessary, accommodation are also provided.

Underage employees are strictly prohibited. Half of the employees come from the nearby village and the eldest of the village is also the manager of the factory.